Books and Catalogues

Politics and Passions

Texts by Chantal Mouffe and Anna Ostoya

MACK, London

ISBN 978-1-913620-19-6

Jul 2021

Anna Ostoya 

Texts by Maria Brewińska, Jef Dolven, Paulina Pobocha and Jovana Stokic

Zachęta — National Gallery of Art, Warsaw

ISBN 978-83-64714-69-6

Aug 2018

The Polish Rider

Text by Ben Lerner

MACK, London

ISBN: 978-1-912339-01-3

Jun 2018

Anna Ostoya

Texts by Ben Lerner, Anna Ostoya and Tom Williams

Dancing Foxes Press and La Kunsthalle Mulhouse

ISBN-13: 978-0-9853377-5-9

Jun 2014

Texts by Anna Ostoya

MACK, London, Politics and Passions, 2021

MOTIONS, Bortolami, 2020

Dancing Foxes Press monograph, 2014

Parallax, Volume 20, Issue 2, 2013

Sculpture Center, 2010; The Power Plant, 2011

Autopis series, 2010


Jonah Goldman Kay

Turning Theory Into Art

The Nation, Aug 2022

Kerry Manders

A Collaborative Photobook Makes the Case for Radical Democracy

aperture, Feb 2022

Sinziana Ravini

Politics and Passions, Again

Paletten, May 2021

Caroline Blockus

NYC: Anna Ostoya ‘Motions'

She Performs, Nov 2020

John Haber

11.23.20 – Drawing Divisions

Art Reviews from around New York, Nov 2020

Paul Laster

Altered States: The Transformative Art of Fred Tomaselli

Art & Object, Nov 2020

Molly Creeden

A Clothing Collection Inspired by the Bauhaus

New York Times Style Magazine, Aug 2019

Writers at Yes & NO

Anna Ostoya

Yes & NO, Jun 2019

Taylor Dafoe

Anna Ostoya’s and Ben Lerner’s 'The Polish Rider'

The Brooklyn Rail, May 2019

Amanda Schmitt

The Third Persona

Texte Zur Kunst, Dec 2018

Will Harrison

Doubt and Affirmation: A Book by Ben Lerner and Anna Ostoya

Art in America, Nov 2018

Writers at NY Art Beat

Anna Ostoya Exhibition

NY Art Beat, Oct 2018

Anna Ostoya and Ben Lerner

Late Art

The Paris Review, Sep 2018

Marta Marsicka

Wizualne rozgrywki

Arteon, Feb 2018

Magdalena Dubrowska

Nazis and a box of chocolates. Exhibition of Anna Ostoya’s works in Zachęta

Gazeta Wyborcza, Dec 2017

Vivian Ziheri

Where do we go from here?

Art Agenda, Feb 2017

Writers at Phaidon

Vitamin P3: New Perspectives in Painting

Phaidon, Oct 2016

Phaidon writers

Anna Ostoya - Why I Paint

Phaidon, Sep 2016

Ben Lerner

The Polish Rider

The New Yorker, Jun 2016

Katelynn Mills

Really Killer: Anna Ostoya’s Judith

Artcritical, Mar 2016

Writers at TimeOut

Anna Ostoya, ‘Slaying’

TimeOut, Mar 2016

Lara Atallah

Anna Ostoya

Artforum, Mar 2016

Beta Germano

Cidade Qonquistada

CasaVogue, May 2015

Ara H. Merjian

Anna Ostoya: Mining Historical Works for New Conceptual Paths

Frieze, Jan 2015

Jovana Stokić


Osmos, Aug 2014

Martha Kirszenbaum

Free Beer Tomorrow

Nero, Apr 2014

Marta Gnyp

Break a rule to make a new one

Zoo, Dec 2013

Kito Nedo

Anna Ostoya: Silberkuppe

Artforum, Oct 2013

Melissa Rose

New Photography 2013 at the Museum of Modern Art, New York

The Photographers Gallery Blog, Oct 2013

Colin Herd

Redefining the Medium

Aesthetica, Oct 2013

Writers at Art+Auction

Shooting Stars

Art+Auction, Oct 2013

Writers at Art Tattler International

New Photography 2013, a New View of 'What a Picture Could Be'

Art Tattler International, Sept 2013

Ken Johnson

Images Propelled Beyond Pictures

The New York Times, Sep 2013

Ken Johnson

Anna Ostoya and Barbara Leoniak: 'Disclosures'

New York Times, Jun 2013

Claudia Bodin

Ein Koffer in New York

Art das Kunstmagazin, Dec 2012

Allison Tepper

Case Study: Anna Ostoya Interpretrs Fluxkit

Inside/Out, Dec 2011

Writers at Artforum

Anna Ostoya

Artforum, Dec 2011

Carly Gaebe

Body Conscious: Soft Machines at the Pace Gallery

Art in America, Jul 2011

Martha Kirszenbaum

Anna Ostoya, Autopis I, II and III: Notes, Copies and Masterpieces at Galeria Foksal (Warsaw), tegenboschvanvreden (Amsterdam) and Silberkuppe (Berlin)

Kaleidoscope, Jul 2011

Writers at The Power Plant

Rearview Mirror: New Art from Central and Eastern Europe

The Power Plant, Jun 2011

Merve Unsal

Anna Ostoya's "Exposures" at Bortolami Gallery

Art Agenda, Apr 2011

Writers at artdaily

Polish Artist Anna Ostoya Exhibits 28 Works Made in February at Bortolami Gallery

artdaily, Mar 2011

Jess Wilcox

Anna Ostoya

Artforum, Mar 2011

Karol Sienkiewicz

Anna Ostoya

Culture, Mar 2011

Stach Szablowski

Wnuczka z Cabaret Voltaire

Przekroj no. 47, Nov 2010

Stanisław Ruksza

Kronika - Anna Ostoya, ‘From a to ∞’

Städelschule Student Board, Jan 2010