RIPS: FUTURE WORKS, 2013, Silberkuppe, Berlin

'One of the underlying assumptions of any gallery visit is that the artist’s past output will be evoked in relation to the new work in his or her current exhibition. Anna Ostoya, who lives in New York, does not fundamentally challenge this expectation with her current exhibition at Silberkuppe. She would clearly prefer, however, that the show—which is titled Rips: Future Works and features seventeen collage and assemblage works—be understood not so much as a retrospective of work already produced but rather as a view of that which could still come: Even the press release speaks to a kind of echo of Ostoya’s past artistic activities but also of the beginnings of possible series that could be developed in the future.' Kito Nedo, Artforum

Silberkuppe: Rips: Future Works, Aug 23 – Oct19, 2013

BALLS 2, 2013, acrylic, lipstick, archival print, and gold leaf on canvas, 12 x 9 inches (30,5 x 23 cm)